Discuss your needs and concerns with our experts and hear about our analytics solutions and services designed to help you react and predict changes to links in the supply chain. 

Supply chain optimization attempts to balance the ordering of products, carrying costs, timely fulfillment, and other factors to ensure that the right products are on the right shelves at the right time with the right margin.

Building a resiliency to better respond to shocks in the market, including estimating more accurate levels to prevent out of stock situations, having faster order fulfillment, improved planning, and happier customers, all ultimately inform better decisions.

Connect with a data and analytics consultant at CCG, where we can focus on your specific Supply Chain Optimization & Analytics needs. Including ways to:

  • Evolve your Product – Link customer and product data to better tailor products to evolving customer behavior

  • Forecast Demand and Sales Velocity – Learn how to leverage methods like Just In Time processing to ensure your inventory doesn’t go to waste and improve purchase order decisions

  • Understand Changing Customer Behaviors – Adapt your inventory and spend to accommodate to a decrease in discretionary income and spending, use of essential goods, and geography-based regulations

  • Align the EnterpriseEmpower your executives and staff with accurate and governed metrics to benefit everyone from end-users to leadership

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More Efficient Supply Chain Management

Better predicting changes to planning logistics, product development, sales forecasts, customer demand, and distribution support is more important than ever. Learn how CCG helped Rooms To Go allow their buyers to easily see and manipulate data to better manage the supply chain, through the use of Microsoft PowerBI.

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Metal Manufacturer Better Predicts Steel Melting Results with Azure Machine Learning

Like most manufacturing businesses, Metals, Inc., was looking to optimize the efficiency of their most expensive processes. Metals, Inc. owns and operates three electric arc furnaces for steel-melting, which are very costly to run as they heat up to thousands of degrees for each batch. 

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AutoML Predictions Help This Retailer Optimize Their Workforce

CCG was engaged by Microsoft as a trusted partner to leverage their cutting-edge data science capabilities to provide this retailer with an automated solution. CCG utilized automated machine learning (AutoML) to rapidly develop a basic forecasting model that could be run on a daily basis without any oversight.

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Just-in-time For Data-Driven Supply Chain

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How to Leverage Demand Forecasting Analytics for Supply Chain Management - During Crisis and Beyond

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Need for Analytics in Supply Chain Management Becomes Central as Cornoavirus Escalates -Source: IoT World Today

Need for Analytics in Supply Chain Management Becomes Central as Cornoavirus Escalates -Source: Business Insider

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