Proactively manage azure cost and optimization


1:00Pm - 1:30 pm Est 

Virtual Event

Overspending on cloud? You're not alone, Gartner reports most companies overspend by 70%.

Gain insight and visibility into the different Azure buying mechanisms and how they can impact both cloud cost and cloud optimization.

In this webinar you'll discover:

  • The difference between: Pay As You Go, Cloud Service Provider (CSP), Reserved Instance (RI), and Enterprise Agreement (EA)

  • How to control your cloud spending by understanding who is using what so you can optimize your environments 

  • How to save your IT department time with subscription provisioning and proper management

  • An overview of cloud pricing models and bundled services 

  • How to optimize cloud tools and best practices 

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Meet the speakers:

Greg Pierce
Executive Vice President of Cloud, CCG

Greg Pierce - CCG 200x200





Cal Scantlan
Director - One Commercial Partner, Microsoft

Cal Scantlan - CCG 200x200





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