Establish Governance for your Power BI Toolset

Launch an effective strategy around your BI storage, management, and integration

CCG's BI Experts can provide a wide range of analytics services that support your BI initiatives including Power BI Governance.  CCG’s BI Experts can help to ensure that there are consistent rules in place surrounding data collection, storage, management, and integration and help put security controls in place to protect privacy and reduce risk. In this consultation, we can focus on your specific governance needs including: 

  • Establishing governance around the Power BI toolset.
  • Creating developer workflows.
  • Establishing end-user accountability processes. 
  • Install testing/promotion processes for Power BI content.
  • Defining best practices (reporting, data usage, sharing, publishing, etc.) for use withing the Power BI toolset. 

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Enterprise Data Governance in Action

CCG partnered with Fulton County Scools who knew they needed a strong backbone of data governance, in order to meet their goal of zero failing schools by 2022. 

Leveraging CCG's RapidDG  CCG helped refocus the data governance committee, reducing the number of members by 80%, from 25 to five people, in only six weeks. 

Download the full story below. 

Data Governance - FCS Case Study


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