Empower IT and Data Professionals to Achieve More with All Their Data

A guide to migrating existing processes to Azure Synapse Analytics.
Microsoft Whitepaper

Move your legacy data warehouse to a cloud solution and delegate tasks like infrastructure maintenance and platform upgrades. Migrate to Azure Synapse—a limitless analytics service with unmatched time to insight that accelerates the delivery of BI, AI, and intelligent applications for enterprises.

By migrating legacy data warehouses to Azure Synapse, you’ll:

  • Increase performance and speed.

  • Improve security and compliance.

  • Enjoy greater elasticity and scalability.

  • Save time with a fully managed infrastructure.

  • Reduce costs.

In this whitepaper, see strategies for migrating your legacy data warehouses to the cloud. And, get a three-step technical overview of the process—from preparing to migrating to doing analytics.

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