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Discover how predictive and prescriptive analytics can save time, gain efficiency, and drive innovation within your business. 

CCG’s data scientists focus on creating business value from advanced analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities. In this consultation, we can focus on your specific data science needs: 

  • Artificial Intelligence - Explore ways to leverage existing AI like Microsoft Cognitive Services, or to build custom AI applications with techniques like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Image Processing.
  • Data Science and Machine Learning Services - Enhance your models' performance with additional data scientist horsepower, bring your first model to production, drive scalability with MLOps, or let us handle model maintenance through our Model as a Service Offering. 
  • Data Science Enablement - Establish a vision and construct a roadmap for achieving ROI from your data science efforts; design the right organizational structure for your data science team taking a holistic look across people, process, technology, and data.

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Data Science in Action

CCG partnered with Metropolitan Ministries,  a nonprofit organization that serves poor and homeless families across the Tampa Bay area, to provide more insight into donor value and personalized marketing efforts. Leveraging Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, CCG created comprehensive decision trees and segmented the donor attributes based on the percentage of likelihood to donate. From this analysis came two key outputs:

  • A segment of donors who are likely to give (even with fewer appeals)
  • Those who have a better chance of retaining with increased marketing efforts.

With the help of machine learning, Metropolitan Ministries discovered each donor band’s lifetime value, understood donor’s likelihood to churn, and established personal marketing initiatives to achieve a greater ROI. 

Data Science_ Metropolitan Ministries Case Study


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