Do It Yourself Analytics Maturity Assessment

Identify specific maturity gaps in the areas of technology, data, people, and processes

This maturity assessment is a simple, do-it-yourself tool intended to aid in capturing your organizations' current state maturity levels around the key areas that support all data and analytics initiatives. These areas are: Data, People, Process and Technology.

DIY Maturity Assessment eBook In Text-1

Upon completion of the template worksheets, the "Summary" worksheet will automatically populate with a description of your overall maturity level and a list of key focus areas. For a more detail explanation, email your completed template to and we will provide a complimentary review based on our strategy and industry expertise.

This template will help you understand your organizations strengths and weaknesses as they are today and provide a medium for you to engage in conversation around the importance of a qualified, collaborative and effective data & analytics strategy. We recommend periodically reassess your strategy to ensure it aligns with your current organization priorities.

Download the Assessment