DRIVE INNOVATION WITH Synapse and analytics 

Three part video series

Game-changing innovation is driven by data. There are powerful insights hidden in the immesne amount of data that is generated every day.  

Harness the power of your data by saying goodbye to data silos. In partnership with Microsoft , CCG hosts  Analytics in a Day Workshops. These workshops are designed to simplify and accelerate your journey towards a modern data warehouse by giving a deep-dive into the tools and hands-on experience without having to buy the technologies.

This video series provides 30-minutes of content from the full workshop covering the following topics:

  • Part 1: Importance of Data Models, Role of Data Warehouse with Data Science (Leveraging Architecture with Databricks, Synapse, and Power BI).

  • Part 2: Introduction to Azure Synapse Analytics with an overview of system integrations.

  • Part 3: Insights for all with Power BI and Azure, overview of reporting and visualizations connections with Synapse.

Watch the video series