DAta Governance Workshop with Profisee + CCG

Monday, March 23rd at 9:00 am CST - 12:00 PM CST

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Join CCG, Microsoft, and Profisee for our Data Governance (DG) + Master Data Management (MDM) Workshop

CCG will introduce a methodology and framework for DG that allows organizations to assess DG faster, deriving actionable insights that can be quickly implemented with minimal disruption. CCG will also discuss how Microsoft Azure Solutions can be leveraged to build a strong foundation for governed data insights.

In addition, Profisee will introduce a popular component of data governance, MDM. Profisee is a Master Data Management software company making it easy and affordable for companies of all sizes to build a trusted foundation of data across the enterprise.  Leveraging an MDM strategy within the context of Data Governance drives organizational alignment, ensures data quality, and accelerates Digital Transformation.

 If any of these issues sound familiar, this workshop is a MUST for you!

  • I don’t trust my data (data quality)
  • Data architecture is the wild, wild west (data architecture)
  • There is no single way to request data/reports (data architecture)
  • I don’t know how my metrics are defined (metadata management)
  • I can’t tell you what source system the data came from (metadata management)
  • I don’t know who has access to the data (data security and privacy)
  • I don’t know who is responsible for the data (program management)
  • I know we have sensitive data, but we don’t classify it or manage it as sensitive (data security and privacy)
  • I’m not sure what our policies and procedures are for approving data access (data security and privacy)


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