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3 Key Techniques to Optimizing Your Azure Cloud Environment

Studies show a steep 212% return on investment on migrating to Azure and 238% projected ROI over three year’s time. (Forrester, 2020)  

Growth of investment doesn’t come from a migration itself, though, you need optimization tactics in place to enhance the productivity and accessibility of your environment.  

Watch this webinar to learn techniques within an Azure environment. Receive strategic and tactical advice from cloud experts Greg Pierce and Jordan Murbach.  

During this event you’ll learn:  

  • Hacks for alleviating geo-redundancy and implementing automation 
  • Top considerations for cloud security 
  • Ways to increase uptime and ensure consistency 

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Meet the Speaker

Greg Pierce

Greg Pierce is the Executive Vice President of Cloud, leading CCG’s cloud strategy. He joins CCG with 27 years of experience in cloud computing trends, cloud migration, and cloud management. Before working with CCG, Greg led the development of the Concerto Private Cloud from inception and later added Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services offerings. He has a passion for mentoring entrepreneurs and business startups on strategic cloud initiatives. Read more about Greg Pierce in our leadership overview here 

Meet the Speaker

Jordan Murbach

Jordan Murbach is a Cloud Engineer at CCG that leads the onboarding of new clients within our Cloud Management practice. He focuses on Azure technologies, taking new subscriptions and setting them up for long-term success and sustainability within cloud computing. He enjoys working with customers and understanding their current practices to meet them halfway and guide their growth in the cloud.